Nomad is a bespoke range of quality wines, produced by our carefully selected partner vineyards from around the world.

We are offering you an insight into a special place

with great taste

An inquisitive and exciting adventure into the world of quality wine and a reliable source for a selection of the best.

Watch this space for our Nomad selection of special wines from around the world... 

Wine Experience

Wine Experience

Wine Experience


We provide a personal wine experience whether it’s an online order delivered to your door for a party at home or a large order with personalised labels for a unique special occasion or event.

Pop Up Events

Wine Experience

Wine Experience


We have no fixed tasting room or shop, and we're proud of it. In the same way that we source our amazing wines from around the world, our events don't take place in one set place. We hold 'pop up' events all over the UK and we're excited to be one of the first wine brands to do this.

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